Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pace of Change: Astounding

Spend five minutes watching this You Tube Video credited to Karl Fisch, Scott McLeodfrom, and Jeff Brenman and you'll be amazed at the pace of change in technology, demographics, work place and consumer habits. It took 50 years for Radio to reach an audience of fifty million, TV took 13 years, but it only took Facebook two years to reach that kind of audience (its audience is now almost four times that size--and Facebook did it without any ADVERTISING).

The amount of information available to all of us is literally overwhelming. On the one hand, we want someone to help us sort it out, the job editors historically did, but at the same time, we want to do it ourselves, using filters provided by Google, Amazon, Netflix, and the like.

We don't trust the gatekeepers anymore, but we bemoan the loss of experienced newspaper editors. We want to "know" without being "told", but don't trust the anonymity of the web. Figuring out the right business model, one that builds on those mutually exclusive desires, and takes account of the rapidity of change and revolutionary technology, now...that's the challenge isn't it?

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